Pradip Sir ko recent comments

"Why did Barun Sir left the college...??? ani u all are in 7th semester so thats great news... one year to go... Also congrats to Sushma DIDI for the coordinator position... Best wishes to SPECTRUM for there good future... and good result... "

Thank you very much Sir for the wishes, well Barun sir left the coll coz he's now Academic Director in Advanced Engineering Coll (just heard rumors, not sure though).. and yeah, congrats to Sushma ma'am for the position, she'll do great. and finally SPECTRUM are in 7th semester, something to cheer for, coz it was one hell long semester

"I read this part of your blog.... Yha there are different teacher we face in our college life some are good some are bad and some are ok... any way teacher are teacher j bhyae pani... came to know that u don't give daam to grade ...its ok tara if you have plans for getting your master's overseas then it matters a lot... internal marks does effect a lot in final grading ..hamro ta just 20% of the total theyo tara pani if the internal mark was good then it can move you to distinction and first division.... so about me i don't mess up with teacher ... just keep in mind that ko kasto cha ... don't mind for my comment ...its your life and i don't want to interfere ... tara engineering degree does have good value... i did my engineering in Electronics but doing job of full time programmer in USA. ... just want to say you one thing just be perfect in any one of the field ..don't have to be good in all... natra "Jack of all Master of None" hola ... do keep on wring blogs ... that what your are doing good job...feel great when reading blog of know one...

haha office ma alchi lagyo ke i used to visit your blog... "

"Arko kura i too feel that engineering ta padiyo tara k he pani aaudaina Electronics engineering ko....but when i finished my final year project i fell like i know a lot in Electronics engineering... so dear its time to get serious ... and get your project done ... don't mind my words ... do the project seriously and yourself... its going to help a lot to you....don't let the time pass... this the right time to start.. if you r not serious to this till date.... one of my fren was bad on his academic tara was good in programming .... he is now performing well in the field... so mailay bhanna khoje ko kura bujhyo hoena...

Oh time to work... natra barbad hola... "

I really appreciate this from you, no seniors have told us things like this. and it's long ago i wrote that article sir. aile ta sab change bhai sakyo.. i too have realized grades important hudo raicha (yaha ta kei farak pardaina, bahira gayo bhane chai it matters a lot) but no worries, we'll do gud :D

Yeah hami pani aba project suru garne ho, minor project sure garera ani final project garna thalne yo sem ma. keep writing Pradip sir, matters a lot to us. take care, bye.


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