We're done for fifth semester

finally FINALLY!!! this crazy semester is over, well in short i can describe this semester like this "say NO to studies, say NO to internal exams, say NO to labs, say a BIG NO to taking notes in the class" but we(i)'ll have to suffer for these things, who gives a fuck, bistarai pass garaula ni back paper haru, kaslai hatar cha ra... forget it, aba ta SIXTH semester, wow, yo ta jhan babbal huncha hola, i expect co-operation with teachers from you all (in terms of giving a damn to studies) SPECTRUM!! LETS ROCK THIS SEMESTER

Update!! Update!!

It's 17th of may and i'm still ZERO in IDE, can't help it :D... that's how i am, if you don't like, there are three buttons in the top right of your browser, click on the rightmost one, good day, for those who're still reading this, thank you and wish me luck for the exam. and the update is we'll be in 6th semester from 27th of may, so this blog will have a new section Sixth Semester, gtg now, bye everybody

Amit, now known as Rocky G

this is our very own dalle, who's gone to states for further study on BE G, bachelors of G, wish him luck, and yeah missing him...

amit shrestha, ex-spectrum, now in florida, US, photograph - unknown

MBA Classroom

It's unfair folks, hamro class ma chai bench re, ani yo mba haru ko ma chai esto majja ko chair haru... ek din apex college ma mba padherai chadchu...

3 gone 2 more to go

it's 11th may tnite, three exams are gone:
CG - went good,
MSI - awful bad (it's a long story, ज्ञान भन्ने कविता प्रकाशित भए पछी सब clear हुन्छ)
TOC - very bad (has got a long story as well, sorry shukla sir, padhnai bhyaena)

IDE on 19th and OS on 23rd of may.. of computer group,
electronics had signal today, and control on 14th may... best of luck everybody, padhera thulo huna sakincha jasto lagdaina hijo aja.. 9 din gap cha IDE ko lagi, tesma 1 din pani padhincha ki... let's hope for the best.

Pukar Thapa

pukar thapa, BE CMP, Spectrum, Apex College, a nice guy, a brilliant student (yo chai guff ho) and a good friend. Girls die to date with him, yeah they die because they have to go with him ;) hehehehe, rich with girlfriends, he's a cool guy.

Apex College, Photocopy garne thau

you can get anything you want here except... :D

this place eats a lot of our money, sabai photocopy garda garda paisa sakincha

Binod Subedi "Daari"

Binod sarai friendly cha, mero purano sathi (purano means first sem dekhi nai milne sathi) pahila maitidevi ko hostel ma basthio, ma praya gai rahanthe, ahile dillibazar ko hostel ma bascha, manche practical cha... batting pani dami garcha, ah! bowling pani :D

mathi ko duita photo chai merai room ma huda sarad le khichi deko ho..

yo 5th sem ko kakani picnic ko bela khicheko photo ho, dami cha

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