Pradip Sthapit (Ex-Teacher of Apex College)

There wasn't a class funnier than his class, he was a guy full of life, hamlai NTC ko mobile bata paisa transfer garna sikaune pani pradip sir nai ho :D we miss you sir... if you guys don't know, he visited the blog yesterday and left a couple of comments.. "Whats up guys and gals its me Pradip Sthapit... remember me... feels like oh Pradip Sir ... of coure we remember you... k... am doing fine in US... nice to find your blog ... saw your result of Numerical Methods ... its ok... any were i am missing u guys and gals class... and all... now happy to know lots going on u about u and more from the blog....." yeah most of us passed in your subject, sir ko photo haru hi5 ma dekheko thiye, thyakkai sir kai face recha ;) his other comment is on this post. ani ta US ma moj gardai hola hai sir chai, hami chai ajhai Apex ma, kabita ma'am le pani blog visit garnu bhako thiyo, she left a comment too.. "I remember you guys, and miss you all.RAMRO SANGA PADHA PANI :):)." It feels great when two of our close teachers still remember us. ani Pradip sir, gf cf kati ota banaunu bhayo ni? [smile.gif]

Pasang and Bunty

they look cute together.. apex ko library block ko agadi khicheko photo...

exam aai sakyo, aba yo dui jana sangai basera padhcha, pasang ko hostel ma :D

Pokhara University Board Exam Routine 2007

Finally routine aayo spring 2007 ko. Computer group lai ta satisfactory routine cha, ELX lai chai bore bhaye cha 2-2 din matra gap cha. Yo kura ma an electronics student said "ELX lai ta sarai anyaaya bhayo, yo kura chai blog ma rakha la" kanchan le bhaneko ho tyo, uslai sarai pir pareko cha... mero especial "best of luck" chai kanchan lai la, ramro sanga exam dinu, ani spectrum ko sabai lai best of luck. Engineering faculty ko sabai semester ko routine chai yaha cha PU Routine 2007

Apex College Website not working

It's 11:23 pm and I'm trying to access my apex mail from and following page showed up.

It says:

If you see this page it means:

1. hosting for this domain is not configuredor

2. there's no such domain registered in Plesk
What you can do:
Using Plesk, you can create domains with web hosting on a single physical server.
if (window.plesk_promo.virtuozzo) {
document.write('Also you can use Plesk with
Virtuozzo and create isolated domains. Using a number of virtual servers with Plesk on a single machine allows for flexible management of your server\'s resources.');

Then I tried to open apex college home page and it showed a different error:

Install System

/var/www/vhosts/ is not writable, exiting

I don't know what this all means, but I need to access my mail rite now. Pradip sir le assignments dinu bhako cha mail ma. hope they'll fix this thing as soon as possible...

Apex College Website not working

If you see this page it means:1. hosting for this domain is not configuredor2. there's no such domain registered in Plesk
What you can do:
Using Plesk, you can create domains with web hosting on a single physical server.
if (window.plesk_promo.virtuozzo) {
document.write('Also you can use Plesk with Virtuozzo and create isolated domains. Using a number of virtual servers with Plesk on a single machine allows for flexible management of your server\'s resources.');

Something to cheer for @ Apex College

It's not that the college doesn't care about us, it's "how much it does". Yesterday we felt the classic Barun Sir's style of teaching. He's a very good teacher and if you see his style of teaching, you'll feel the same. And for the first time a "bad" teacher was replaced by a good teacher. The impulsive reaction of students (including me) was "Barun sir strict hunuhuncha, marks dinu hunna", but the thing is sir le marks dine haina, hamle marks line ho, fulfilling all the conditions required. Time thorai cha, let's hope for the best.

Nepal Engineering College

It's a boring thing to study engineering in nepal. Currently there are six universities in Nepal:

Tribhuvan University
Kathmandu University
Pokhara University
Purbanchal University
Mahendra Sanskrit University

I wrote these craps and the post title for some seo purpose, nevermind :) Google's updating the websites this month, PR is being given to blogs and websites all over the world. There's a chaos in the web with webmasters getting unpredicted and jpt results. I'm writing this post to mention that I'll stay low for a while. I'll blog again after a month i guess. Thank you for reading my blog for this long.

Pokhara University Results 2007

Yesterday I'd been to PU's official website, results were published..

Pokhara University

I guess there should be a "the"... anyways, I'll posts the results of BCMP and BELX here

Bachelor of Computer Engineering:

First Semester
Third Semester
Fifth Semester
Seventh Semester

Retake Exam's Results (Apex College only)

Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering:

First Semester
Third Semester
Fifth Semester
Seventh Semester

Retake Exam's Results (Apex College only)

Best of luck, 2-4 ota F ayo bhandai ma, don't worry. [smile.gif]

Pokhara University ko jaya hos

Apex College is affiliated to Pokhara University and guess what...

Yeah, the result of Fifth Semester exam was out today. As you can read the post I made about how my exam was... in brief:

Computer Graphics -- Attempted/100 = 68 Grade = C
Operating system ---- Attempted/100 = 65 Grade = C
Theory of Computation --- Attempted/100 = 45 Grade = C
Microprocessor system & intrefacing - Attempted/100 = 42 Grade = C-
Indegrated Digital Electronics --- Attempted/100 = NULL Grade = F

and trust me those are some serious stats of mine, MSI ma 42 marks ko matra attempt garera 1 hour mai niskeko thiye, gareko jati sabai milthyo. So what's the moral of the story? Pokhara University sucks, jpt result (in my opinion) and my stats don't lie. Praya students haru IDE ma fail bhako recha.

Barun sir le bolaunu bhako thio, so Ruchee, Gautam, Bijay, ma, Amit ra Pasang sir ko ma gako, he was asking things regarding Data Communication. Aba k bhannu sir lai, he said "timi haru le pahilai kina nabhaneko?" "blog ma lekhera k faida?" well blog ko kura garne ho bhane, I write for satisfaction, nothing else. Ani kina nabhaneko? bhanne kura ko answer chai, to be serious (damn serious) "jhyau lagera ho". Even if we'd have complained, it wudn't have been the first complaint of ours against a teacher... I guess everybody complained about Sushma ma'am, Navaraj sir, Kabita ma'am, PR Pathak etc... as far as i know, NO action was taken against them, so what's the use of complaining. I agree this time it's the worst case but mero kura garne ho bhane, AFAI PADHERA EXAM DINE BANI LAGI SAKYO. seriously bhaneko, yo sem (sixth) ma matrai ho sir haru le padhako dhyan deko ta. pahila pahila ko semester haru ma except a few interesting subjects, sabai afai padhera pass gardai ako ta ho ni, k thulo kura ho ra, euta teacher le naramro padhaudai ma, it's not a big deal at all. tei pani I hope this time some considerations will be made regarding Data Communication. Class ko taal herne ho bhane, "mero college bhako bhaye, i'd never even let a teacher like that enter my college, padhaune ta para k kura" anyways, let's hope for a better future and by the way, I'M DAMN HAPPY for the results of FIFTH SEMESTER.

Second Internal Exam Preparation

Bholi (sunday) second internal exam cha, spectrum A ra B ko garera 5 jana bokka haru ahile yaha chan, kasai le kehi padheko chaina, may god be with them,
best of luck guys,

Sixth Semester 2nd Internal Exam

Aja saturday, bholi dekhi exam recha, ma thursday/friday college gaina, khutta ma operation garera bandage lagako cha. Aba bholi hidna sake bhane exam dina janchu natra janna. Sir haru le bhaneko yo pali "Best of Three" ho re, First internal ramrai bhako thio kyare, aba ekai choti Third dinu parla [smile.gif]. Euta probability and statistics ko chai dinu parcha, asti miss gareko thiye tyo exam. DC ko exam cha bholi, notes haru pathai dinchu bhannu hunthio sir le, Roshan sir kya ta... pathaunu ta bhako recha mail ma, "Dear students, I've sent you the notes" estai kei lekhera, but mail ma kei pani attached chaina recha Anyways, mood chalyo bhane exam diula bholi...
Best of Luck Everybody!!!

एक बार फेरी हाँसीदेउन

नेपथ्य बाट बाहिर झुल्की,
एक बार फेरी हासिँदेउन,
त्यही हाँसो,
म सम्हाली राख्छु,
रात काट्ने साथी भनि,
गुम्सिएका आवजहरु सुनिदेउन,
आँखाका भाका बुझिदेउन,
सपनिमा आउन नछाडिदेउन,
एक बार फेरी हाँसिदेउन,
जिन्दगी म त्यसै बिताइदिन्छु,
आज !
मनैले स्पर्श गर्न चाहन्छु,
आँखैमा तिम्रा तस्वीर छुपाइराख्छु,
प्रेमका दुई शब्द सुनाउन चाहन्छु,
हो त्यसैले
नेपथ्य बाट बाहिर झुल्की,
एक बार फेरी हासिँदेउन,
एक बार फेरी हासिँदेउन..

swapnil sansar, spectrum, apex college

a lot of ppl may not know that kale (who's already left apex college) now works on Voice of Youth FM as an RJ, he runs a program every sunday evening at 6:30, he said he'll recite the poems if published in this blog. so I'm putting in some effort to let him read these poems..

आज फेरी म...

आज फेरी म...
मात्र म,
केवल म,
अनि कोठाको भित्तामा
केही तस्वीर...
यो कालो रात्,
बिताइरहे छौ,

भुस्याहा कुकुरका
यो शुन्य रातलाइ
मेरो कानमा आई,
म निष्पट्ट अन्धकारलाई
पर्दा उगारी
कतै मेरा हराएका साथ छन् कि भनेर
म लतमन्न,
नितान्त एक्लै
अतित र भविष्यको
एकै साथ्,
एक पछी अर्को पाना
विछ्यउनामा पल्टिरहेछु
अनेकन स्रब्य दृश्यबाट
थकित भैसकेको
मेरो मन्,
त्यसै टोलाँउछ,
दिनको चहलपहल,
साथी सङ्गिनी,
रमझमले मन बहलाए पनि
यो कालो रातमा,
भिरै भिर दौडिन्छ,
निथ्रुक्क भिजेर
ओभानो खोज्दै ,
ओत लाग्छ,
त कहिले
नयाँ आयाम्को खोजिमा
त्यसै त्यसै
गल्ली गल्लिमा
यस्तै, यस्तैमा
आधा रात पनि ढल्किन्छ

निदरिले पनि कोठाको ढोका ढक्ढकाँउछिन्

सुटुक्क परेलिमा आई
मलाई फेरी
अर्को, परिवेश्, कल्पना र यथार्थमा लैजान्छिन ।

म कालो रातलाई चटक्कै छाडि,
अर्कै मोड तिर लम्कन्छु
अर्कै मोड तिर लम्कन्छु

from what amit (sapkota) explained to me, this is dalle's (amit shrestha) favourite thing he read... this one's for you dalle. December ma aucha re Nepal, sab keta haru lai feri raksi khane bani basaune bhayo. 1 month mai bigarera jancha sabai lai aba... hehehe kidding bro... i hope you're fine out there.. keep writing.