MSI Lab - SpectrumB

Microprocessor system and interfacing lab.......

amit sir, bunty, ruchee, garima, suraj

look at pasang.....

We haven't submitted a single lab sheet of any lab this semester, its turnin out freaky now...

5th Semester Picnic - Kakani

wanna know why there aren't any pics of girls?? its because a girl denied to give pics of 'em to the blogger... she said "keti haru ko photo lagera k kaam yar timi haru lai" aba dekhis hola ni k kaam bhanera.... heheehee if any girl wants her pic on the Spectrum Picnic post, send it via mail ""


    ऐनाका धुलोहरुमा,

चस्मा लगाउने सुन्दरताका

प्रकाश्का अफवाहहरु

प्रवाहका परिसूचकहरु
        नमुनामा अविञ्छिन
     आशाहरु अनुगमन गर्दै

      स्वेत सपनाका आधारहरु
        गुञ्जयमा, हिमालका
     रातको गहिराई
    समुन्द्रको शितलता
      अनगिन्ती अनुहारौमा
             अनुपम वहारहरु

courtesy vikrant vikram rana

What will you do after completing bachelors?

i did a poll for the freaks of spectrum, the question says, "what will you do after completing bachelors?" and here's the pic attached, click it for the original size to make it readable.. look what dalle wrote, "Live happily ever after with my 'G' " lol, and folks!! he's living his dreams in florida.

Signal Loss

art - amit shrestha, ex-spectrum, now in FL, USA

i hope dalle remembers this, the formation of our band, the very own kavita ma'am of ours gave this name for our band..