Amit sir is leaving as well..

We've had a few good teachers while we spent 4-5 pretty years at Apex College, some are still here, some already left. I'm very happy that Amit sir (Amit Kr KC) is leaving this month, he'll be getting his visa today (according to him). My instinct tells me that he's gonna be a great professor one day.. well rest is up to him. Knowing him for all these years was a great experience. He's a good man, (good boy as well ;) hehee and it was funny when Sandesh said to him on the farewell party we threw, "Sir, aba tapai esto kura haru garnus jun tapai le life ma garna baki chha". Man!! we laughed like hell. Idk if I shud post what he said in the reply.. nevermind :). Anyways, you've been a great inspiration sir, we'll miss you a lot.

amit sir farewell

(from left neeta, garima, AMIT SIR!!!, prabin)

This pic is from the farewell i mentioned above. we had a nice time there.

Amit sir Apex ma huda, ek choti JAIL pani janu bhayo, hehe i've got this pic from idk where.. hope he'll like it.


(Apex Day 2008)

We'll Miss You Amit Sir!!!

Apex Day 08 n Bike Accident

ahhim jung thapa
T.L Apex Day sakiyera kta haru Lodge jane bhanera plan gardai thiye...kale,ashim n kale's fren chai ghar tira lage hami(Amit,sandesh,bunty,salim,binod n pachi suraj lai ghar purara sarad pani)apex agadi thim,maile(amit) ashim lai phone gare,babu ko ta accident bhayecha.santinagar pugera ghaite harulai taxi ma halera whitehouse agadi ko emergency ma liyera aayum.

ani tespachika kura haru "TASBIR AAFAI BOLCHA"


SURaJ 8th sem ko 1st class room no. 503 ma...1st time Spectrum mathee ko room ma....

Subba Dai Spectrum Lai Padaudai

subba dai

Subba dai k ho? 8th sem ma aayera Apex College ma naya Duty !!!

Bunty's New Job


Bunty aajkal Apex College Ko Chamena Griha ma side job garna thaleko cha.

Spectrum Girls

Spectrum Girls:kanchan,Indira,Ruchee,Garima n Sarita Spectrum Girls: kanchan,Indira,Ruchee,Garima n Sarita

A visit to Pulchowk Engineering College

Institute of Engineering, Nepal

left to right: bunty, sarad, suraj, sir, amit, prabin, indira, kanchan

The other half of spectrum was waitin downstairs for their turn. Had a nice time out there, especially bunty.

Wanted "Mafia Shooter"

Dalle US gayera Mafia Don bhaye chha, have a look if you dont believe me.

lala tero underworld career ko lagi best of luck, hamlai pani help garchas hola ni "Don" bhaye pachi ta, moj gar sale.

Peaceful Pashupatinath

pashupatinath mandir

the pashupatinath temple


garima, suraj, ruchee, amit (left-right)

ruchee bansal

ruchee (ex-CR of Spectrum B)

suraj lamichhane

tht's Mr. Suraj :D

garima giri

garima (newroad jane plan change bhara pashupati ako hehe..)

ganesh raj gautam

well yo keta spectrum ko haina.. hami chindainau ;)

amit raj sapkota

amit ra tesko lonliness

amit and his lonliness..

burning soul in pashupati

one day your life will burn infront of your eyes into ashes.. make sure its worth watching.

Accidentally it happened to be my bthday as well.. had a nice time on the evening sitting there.. if you're feeling low, i recommend this place.

Minor Project and Major Project

There was a bit of chaos today at the college when final sem students denied to carry on their projects. We talked to one of 'em who said they had their own problems regarding stuffs like equipments and other supplies.. Lack of teachers guiding their projects and all. Dunno if they did right or wrong but one thing's for sure. I've seen them work really hard for this project thing since long. And there must have been some gud strong reason for which they've decided to go halt everything. Pradip sir sanga kura namileko jasto suniyeko thio rumors haru. Anyways.. Best of luck to Chip-Oracle for their project.

Ani hamro MINOR PROJECT!! chai baal??? sunday presentation chha. I hope everyone's ready with their project hehee. Hamro ta ready ho hai bunty/amit? BEST OF LUCK SPECTRUM!!

Apex College Rooftop

well dun need to explain about the pics.. some jerks killin time in the college ;)

amit and ashim

amit and suraj

finally seventh sem suru hune, 9th Jan 2008 re. i'm sure sab jana aucha tyo din, wakka bhai sakyo padhna napayera :D Cheers Spectrum!!!

Pradip Sir ko recent comments

"Why did Barun Sir left the college...??? ani u all are in 7th semester so thats great news... one year to go... Also congrats to Sushma DIDI for the coordinator position... Best wishes to SPECTRUM for there good future... and good result... "

Thank you very much Sir for the wishes, well Barun sir left the coll coz he's now Academic Director in Advanced Engineering Coll (just heard rumors, not sure though).. and yeah, congrats to Sushma ma'am for the position, she'll do great. and finally SPECTRUM are in 7th semester, something to cheer for, coz it was one hell long semester

"I read this part of your blog.... Yha there are different teacher we face in our college life some are good some are bad and some are ok... any way teacher are teacher j bhyae pani... came to know that u don't give daam to grade ...its ok tara if you have plans for getting your master's overseas then it matters a lot... internal marks does effect a lot in final grading ..hamro ta just 20% of the total theyo tara pani if the internal mark was good then it can move you to distinction and first division.... so about me i don't mess up with teacher ... just keep in mind that ko kasto cha ... don't mind for my comment ...its your life and i don't want to interfere ... tara engineering degree does have good value... i did my engineering in Electronics but doing job of full time programmer in USA. ... just want to say you one thing just be perfect in any one of the field ..don't have to be good in all... natra "Jack of all Master of None" hola ... do keep on wring blogs ... that what your are doing good job...feel great when reading blog of know one...

haha office ma alchi lagyo ke i used to visit your blog... "

"Arko kura i too feel that engineering ta padiyo tara k he pani aaudaina Electronics engineering ko....but when i finished my final year project i fell like i know a lot in Electronics engineering... so dear its time to get serious ... and get your project done ... don't mind my words ... do the project seriously and yourself... its going to help a lot to you....don't let the time pass... this the right time to start.. if you r not serious to this till date.... one of my fren was bad on his academic tara was good in programming .... he is now performing well in the field... so mailay bhanna khoje ko kura bujhyo hoena...

Oh time to work... natra barbad hola... "

I really appreciate this from you, no seniors have told us things like this. and it's long ago i wrote that article sir. aile ta sab change bhai sakyo.. i too have realized grades important hudo raicha (yaha ta kei farak pardaina, bahira gayo bhane chai it matters a lot) but no worries, we'll do gud :D

Yeah hami pani aba project suru garne ho, minor project sure garera ani final project garna thalne yo sem ma. keep writing Pradip sir, matters a lot to us. take care, bye.


FINALLY EXAM SAKYO!!! padhda padhda hairan bhako exam bhari

Simulation 5 hrs approx.
DBMS 3 hrs approx.
OOSE 3 hrs exact
DC 6 hrs approx.
Probability Null

khai pass ta hunu parne ho :D aba ta seventh sem hai.. waaa moj garnu parcha. Barun Sir left the coll, Sushma ma'am coordinator re, robotics nagarne re aba, kk bhai sake cha college ma afulai ta kei tha chaina!! BEST OF LUCK for SEVENTH SEMESTER!!!