First Internal Exam of Sixth Semester

bholi dekhi First internal exam cha, kei padheko chaina Data Communication ko exam (Spectrum B ko, A ko ta kunni k ho, idk) best of luck everybody, ramro sanga exam dine, aba semester exam ta baal dine manche haru lai esto internal tyo pani first, balai bhayena ni, pachi diula...

Microprocessor System and Interfacing final exam.

if you remember the post while final exam of fifth semester was going on (this one) i mentioned ज्ञान कविता... well folks, here's the thing published, it was a long night... sarad, amit and myself, we tried our best to stay awake, one of us succeeded... only to write this kavita... this word reminds me of kavita ma'am, i must confess by now, she was cool and caring as well, kavita ma'am if u're reading this, missing you very much.

चार दिवर्, ज्ञान र हामी
धेरै पछी एकै साथ्,
पौँठेजोरी ज्ञान सँगै,
मस्तिस्क र शरिरको
होड छ!
को थाक्छ पहिला भनि?
लडिरहेको मस्तिस्क देखि (११:२१)
एक कुनामा
अलपत्र, अकमक्क परि फिजिएकी
ज्ञान मुसुक्क हास्छिन्,
फेरी अर्को लड्छ, (१२:०५)
यि सब हेरिरहेकी शुन्य समयले
हामी मध्येको मलाई,
आफ्ना कुरा फलाक्न थल्छिन्, (१२:३९)
हिजो पनि तिमीहरु,
ज्ञान र
म स्व्यम समय,
यही! चार दिवारमा नै थियौँ,
आज पनि हामी यहीँ छौँ!
कस्तो बिडम्बना!

फेरी पनि हामी
सँगै हुन्नम भन्ने
आश छैन मलाई
चार दिवारमा!
चार दिवारमा!

swapnil sansar
1:02 PM
4th may, 2007

Apex College Internet lab

apex ko net lab kati slow cha bhanne kura kasari prove huncha bhane, maile 20 min agadi dekhi post garna try gareko msg, ahile gardai chu, aghi sabai keta haru thio ahile ma, binod, sarad matra cha, aba class jane, BRAD HOGG ko class, probability and statistics, marcha sir le gayena bhane, just a regular post, time for the class.

Ashim Jung Thapa Vol II

Ashim. This pic was taken from amit's cell in Apex College Cricket Ground...
khoi kasle batting gareko herdai cha, he's a good cricketer (all
rounder) bhanda pani farak naparla :D dami batting garcha. ;)

Garima Giri

Garima is one of the two girls from Spectrum B:

Properties of Garima:

  • sano sano kura le farak parne manche
  • dherai rune
  • caring and friendly
  • rati rati missed call dine :D
  • etc etc

j hos, she's a good person (i guess) hehee narisa na!! talai jiskako k, dami cha hai photo, thanks bhan malai!!

Apex Day

23rd of june, Apex Day was held at Apex College premises, it was fun, lots of thing to do, singin, dancin and above all.. trippin, playing bingo was a funnier than anything else. Spectrum rocked the event. the pics from apex day will be posted as soon as i get 'em.

Spectrum Guys Outing - Nagarkot

while one half of spectrum was in the long tour to pokhara, the other half was enjoying the trip to nagarkot, a few pics from the spectrum rockers.

gautam, dinesh, bishal, bhagya, pasang, pukar, surya (left to right)

Pasang Pukar duo

WANTED!!! Dead or Alive

rajesh karki, ex-spectrum, aba esko yo library card
k kaam hola, balyo bhane ago tapna ni mildaina, khai
kunai din kaam lagi halcha ki

Spectrum Tour - The much awaited event

15th of june and spectrum is off for another adventure, a long tour.. so er.. guys? enjoying huh ? hey readers don't be surprised, i'm not a part of the tour, i guess they're in pokhara now, i don't know why i didn't go, guys mite be thinking it was because of Niva, but hey, don't blame her, i didn't feel like going so i didn force myself. the pictures of the tour will be published in the blog when my dear friends come back to apex. till then, peace. suraj

Early days of sixth semester

as expected, sixth semester is running smoothly, guys!! i've started to write notes in class, is that funny? i don't know till when i'll be doin this study thing, but i'm finding it interesting.. teachers are already asking for projects and proposals, how are we supposed to think of a project in java if we're ZERO in it?????? anyways, rumors are that we're goin to a tour next week, prolly friday, hope it's gonna ROCK, me? i'm not interested, i think i'll go anyways, NRS 2000 is all it takes, :D keep rocking spectrum..