How's everything?

Feels great to write a post (after 31st of Aug, 07). College ko bare ma k bhannu, sabai lai tha bhakai kura ho. Exam's postponed to some december month and that's long way to go. Anyways, this blog post is not about college or university. It won't be wrong if i say i've somewhat left blogging. yeah i'm tired of writing journal. But i haven't left blogging :D I haven't been to college for a long time now. usually i'm with Niva and with the time remaining i try to make some money thru web. I rememer some of my innocent classmates asking me "taile apex ko blog bata pani paisa kamauchas?" I always said "no" and it's the truth. Paisa kamauna teti sajilo bhako bhaye sabai ko haat ma $$$$ hunthio. Anyways i don't think i shud tell ppl who're reading this post that it's quite hard to earn good money. All these times i wanted to tell ppl (esp. my classmates) how to make money online. I don't know if you guys know it or not but ppl around the world (including some Nepalese) make a living from blogging. Wait for my next post on making money online to know about it.
Exam time mai hos. we've suffered a lot because of this unstability of our country. at least Engg. huna paiyos. And Happy Vijaya Dashami!!! to all.