Amit sir is leaving as well..

We've had a few good teachers while we spent 4-5 pretty years at Apex College, some are still here, some already left. I'm very happy that Amit sir (Amit Kr KC) is leaving this month, he'll be getting his visa today (according to him). My instinct tells me that he's gonna be a great professor one day.. well rest is up to him. Knowing him for all these years was a great experience. He's a good man, (good boy as well ;) hehee and it was funny when Sandesh said to him on the farewell party we threw, "Sir, aba tapai esto kura haru garnus jun tapai le life ma garna baki chha". Man!! we laughed like hell. Idk if I shud post what he said in the reply.. nevermind :). Anyways, you've been a great inspiration sir, we'll miss you a lot.

amit sir farewell

(from left neeta, garima, AMIT SIR!!!, prabin)

This pic is from the farewell i mentioned above. we had a nice time there.

Amit sir Apex ma huda, ek choti JAIL pani janu bhayo, hehe i've got this pic from idk where.. hope he'll like it.


(Apex Day 2008)

We'll Miss You Amit Sir!!!