Pokhara University ko jaya hos

Apex College is affiliated to Pokhara University and guess what...

Yeah, the result of Fifth Semester exam was out today. As you can read the post I made about how my exam was... in brief:

Computer Graphics -- Attempted/100 = 68 Grade = C
Operating system ---- Attempted/100 = 65 Grade = C
Theory of Computation --- Attempted/100 = 45 Grade = C
Microprocessor system & intrefacing - Attempted/100 = 42 Grade = C-
Indegrated Digital Electronics --- Attempted/100 = NULL Grade = F

and trust me those are some serious stats of mine, MSI ma 42 marks ko matra attempt garera 1 hour mai niskeko thiye, gareko jati sabai milthyo. So what's the moral of the story? Pokhara University sucks, jpt result (in my opinion) and my stats don't lie. Praya students haru IDE ma fail bhako recha.

Barun sir le bolaunu bhako thio, so Ruchee, Gautam, Bijay, ma, Amit ra Pasang sir ko ma gako, he was asking things regarding Data Communication. Aba k bhannu sir lai, he said "timi haru le pahilai kina nabhaneko?" "blog ma lekhera k faida?" well blog ko kura garne ho bhane, I write for satisfaction, nothing else. Ani kina nabhaneko? bhanne kura ko answer chai, to be serious (damn serious) "jhyau lagera ho". Even if we'd have complained, it wudn't have been the first complaint of ours against a teacher... I guess everybody complained about Sushma ma'am, Navaraj sir, Kabita ma'am, PR Pathak etc... as far as i know, NO action was taken against them, so what's the use of complaining. I agree this time it's the worst case but mero kura garne ho bhane, AFAI PADHERA EXAM DINE BANI LAGI SAKYO. seriously bhaneko, yo sem (sixth) ma matrai ho sir haru le padhako dhyan deko ta. pahila pahila ko semester haru ma except a few interesting subjects, sabai afai padhera pass gardai ako ta ho ni, k thulo kura ho ra, euta teacher le naramro padhaudai ma, it's not a big deal at all. tei pani I hope this time some considerations will be made regarding Data Communication. Class ko taal herne ho bhane, "mero college bhako bhaye, i'd never even let a teacher like that enter my college, padhaune ta para k kura" anyways, let's hope for a better future and by the way, I'M DAMN HAPPY for the results of FIFTH SEMESTER.

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saurav said...

wow.. cool engg. hudo raicha hai nepal ma pani. dami lagyo. sab teacher haru estai ho. koi koi matra ramro padauchann. anyways. nice blog post man. appreciate that.