Apex Day Pics (which i got)

It was fun @ Apex Day, here are some pics that i have...

all the medals n certificates belong to spectrum players...

have a look at sandesh, he's the man with medals hehee

bunty is counting ashim's medals...

bunty, amit, sarad (L-R)

amit raj sapkota with medals

pasang dawa sherpa with medals and shield

mohammad salim siddiqui with medals

sandesh katwal with everything...

sarad paudyal with shield and medals of his

????that's not a medal, nor a shield, hehee thats prajwal with the milk

and that my readers!! is Miss Apex 2007, pretty isn't she? now
there was controversies for her being miss apex since she's not
a "miss" anymore, she's married, but who cares, as long as they
are pretty, they all are miss apexes. and yeah, we don't bother
publishing here a photo of Mr. Apex, we don't have the pic either
so buddy, don't mind.
-blogger, spectrum

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow definitely the best apex queen ever.........she is hooooooot

ram/rom-apex college 2002 batch