Sandy's sis wedding event

okay, 20th april 2007... 9 days to kick off for the exam and nobody cares yet, at least not me ;) a lot of spectrum creatures were in the party, girls in sareeeeeeeee, lol funny!!! check out the pictures, wait a sec i'll upload 'em...

ruchee@presca's cafe

look at bishal here

spectrum gals

lunch @ 2 PM

salim, rajesh, dinesh, amit (L-R)

ashim, suraj, rajesh, salim, dinesh, pasang (L-R)

another spectrum metal freak

guess who took this picture.... our very own ruchee

well thats the last pic we took at the party, goodbye folks, pressure's mounting up, (i mean exam) i must pass TOC anyhow, and i'm a big round ZERO till now, BEST OF LUCK TO ALL SPECTRUM STUDENTS

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